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Financial Literacy - Emergency fund
Emergency fund toolkit
Calculators, work sheets and lots of strategies for improving your savings.
Creating an emergency fund

Self-help tools, tips and more 
The best way to hang on to more of your money is to know exactly where it goes. Use these calculators, work sheets and more to get your finances humming.

  10 ways to save $500
  Save on energy costs
  Be master of your money
  Stop living paycheck to paycheck
  Surviving on one income
  9 best reasons to save money
  5 (worthless) excuses for not saving
  Most Americans fail the emergency-fund test
  How to build an emergency fund
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Calculators and decision tools
Simple savings calculator
Saving for a goal calculator
How long will your savings last?
The true cost of paying the minimum
How long until you're a millionaire?
Calculate your interest earnings
Net worth calculator

Terms to know
Emergency fund glossary

Work sheets
Top 10 money drains
Create your family budget
Creating an emergency fund
Daily expense tracker
How to request a lower interest rate
Dealing with debt
Grow an emergency fund

Emergency fund basics
Develop a savings plan
Savings accounts
Money market accounts
Money market funds
Types of banking institutions

Outside resources
Federal government resources
All about saving and investing
How to budget and save
U.S. Department of Labor Saving Basics
A lifetime of financial growth
66 ways to save money
Other outside resources
Financial planning for generations X and Y
Emergency savings calculator
Money and marriage: Saving for future use
Bankruptcy education
Practical money skills for life
From checking accounts to credit scores
Investing basics for families

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