11 (almost) free April Fools’ pranks to pull

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Know what’s funny? The perfect prank. And know what’s awesome? On April Fools’ Day, it’s socially acceptable to prank your friends and family, and who doesn’t love that!?

But, sometimes, a prank can get pricey (just ask Jim Halpert). That’s why I’m sharing 11 frugally funny pranks to pull on April Fools’ Day.

Joke’s (not) on you.

1. Go for the classic prank call!

Call a random number, and have some fun. It might be a little cheesy, but it’s a fan favorite. Pretend you’re calling from a radio station, offering the person their dream vacay, or go for a tried-and-true line like, “Is your refrigerator running? Then you’d better go catch it!”

2. Harness the power of social media for your prank!

Type out an extra dramatic Facebook post (you know, the ones you normally roll your eyes at), announcing a big life change, like a cross-country move. It’ll be a matter of minutes before your Great Aunt Kathy is speed-dialing your number, frantic for more details.

3. At a restaurant? Swap ketchup for hot sauce on your friend’s plate when they aren’t looking.

Assuming no allergies, of course.

4. Put on your superserious face and trick your significant other into thinking you spent all your cash on an impulse purchase and now you’re broke.

Say you wiped out your savings for a new fancy car or ridiculous vacation. Bonus points if you can make yourself cry.

5. Go to Times Square with cash on a fishing pole and see who grabs it. Wait, that’s what I did!

And know what’s not funny? Finding cash and wasting it. Compare savings accounts on Bankrate.

6. Everyone hates getting excessive emails from retailers and restaurants throughout the day.

Clog your friend’s inbox by signing them up for every email list you can think of. It’ll take them half a day just to unsubscribe from all those lists!

7. Tape a “push” sign in front of a door you need to pull to open.

Watch as people spend precious time pushing against a door that just will not open.

push door sign


8. Have a single friend? Create a ridiculous a profile for them on a dating site.

Single and ready to mingle, right?

9. If you know someone with a sweet tooth, bring them a package of Oreos as a special treat.

Replace the white frosting with toothpaste. They won’t know what hit them.

10. Send a bunch of Venmo requests to friends or even distant acquaintances.

Make up funny and obscure reasons like, “you know what this is for.” If you get lucky, you might even score some extra cash!

11. Ask to borrow your friend’s phone, and then change the language setting to something incredibly hard to decipher.

Watch them freak out over all texts and calls they’re unable to answer.

What are your fave pranks? Tweet me your pics or tag me on Insta.

Sarah Berger

I am a journalist and penny-pinching millennial living in New York City on a budget.