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This makeover is more than cosmetic: You'll consult with our financial experts who will analyze your money situation line by line and help you construct a new financial plan.

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Makeover applicants are limited to one entry per week. This is not a random drawing, so sending duplicate applications will not improve your odds. If you'd like to increase your chances, give a detailed explanation of your situation in the area marked "Makeover reason." Simply writing "credit card problems" doesn't describe your problem well enough. If you win a Makeover, one of our experts will contact you, discuss your finances and suggest ways to improve them. You will be asked to supply a photograph of yourself. The photo and a story based on the information you provide will be published on the Web site. We will contact you approximately six months after you win to do a follow-up story on your financial progress. Good luck! Please read our privacy policy and makeover rules for more details.

Daytime phone number (for phone interview)
E-mail address
What do you do for a living?

Please use numbers only. Do not use '$', '%' or words in the red-numbered fields. If the line does not apply to you, or the dollar amount is zero, use '0' -- do not use 'n/a' or 'none.'

Income Sources (after taxes) Monthly income
Your wages 1.
Spouse's wages 2.
Part-time wages 3.
Child support 4.
Alimony 5.
Social Security benefits 6.
Veteran's benefits 7.

Creditor Creditor balance Monthly payment
Creditor A: 10a. 10b.
Creditor B: 11a. 11b.
Creditor C: 12a. 12b.
Creditor D: 13a. 13b.
Creditor E: 14a. 14b.
Creditor F: 15a. 15b.
Creditor G: 16a. 16b.

Annual expenses Current payment
School tuition 17.
Magazine subscriptions 18.
Club memberships 19.

Monthly expenses Current payment
Mortgage or rent 21.
Real estate taxes 22.
Homeowner's insurance 23.
Car loan, lease payments 24.
Car insurance 25.
Car maintenance, fuel expenses 26.
Tuitio, student loans 27.
Alimony, child Support 28.
Medical insurance 29.
Medical treatment 30.
Credit counseling agency payment 31.

Flexible Expenses Current Payment
Telephone bill 33.
Electric, gas, oil, fuel bill 34.
Cable TV bill 35.
Groceries 36.
Household supplies 37.
School supplies 38.
Clothes 39.
Dry cleaning, laundry 40.
Savings (5 percent is your goal) 41.

Discretionary expenses Current payment
Recreation 43.
Movies, plays 44.
Dining out 45.
Sporting events 46.
Newspapers 47.
Barber, beauty salon 48.
Hobbies 49.
Fund raisers, dues 50.

Do you have a retirement account?
If so, what kind?
Do you have (check all that apply)
Mutual funds
If you are saving, what percentage of your monthly income is going in?
Do you pay off your credit card balances
every month, or
do you carry a balance?
If you suddenly had an extra $5,000, what would you be likely to do with it?
Why do you need a Money Makeover?

By clicking submit, I certify that I understand the privacy policy and makeover rules.

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Makeover Rules

Apply for a Money Makeover and let our money experts help you navigate your financial minefield.

If you've ever had financial problems (and who hasn't?) then you know that whom you ask for advice is an extremely crucial decision. You could get help from a relative or friend, but how qualified are they to manage your money? That's where's Money Makeover enters the picture.

The financial makeover is a regular feature that offers you a chance to have a money expert help you untangle your finances. Before we explain to you how this feature works, we need to make something perfectly clear: We are not giving any money away. What we do offer is the chance to consult with a financial professional who will help you create a customized financial plan that fits your budget. There is no fee for the money makeover and makeover participants have no obligation to accept the suggestions that are offered to them. Participants will have to disclose personal financial information in order to allow the expert to help them find the best solution for their needs. Please read our privacy policy for more details. will try to pick contest winners based on how representative they are of other readers with similar problems. You can see how our planners have helped solve financial problems for people from a wide variety of age groups, occupations and income levels. If you don't win a makeover, we hope that you'll find some help by reading a situation that compares to yours.

Legal stuff:'s Money Makeover is presented without warranty of any kind. Neither, nor the money expert for any given Money Makeover shall be held responsible for any damages relating to any action taken as a result of the advice given in the Money Makeover. Those using are solely responsible for their own finances and investments. The information provided in any Money Makeover is for informational purposes and such information should be used only as a starting point. You should conduct your own research either alone or in connection with a professional financial adviser.

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