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2006: A look back - A look ahead  
  A quiet 2006 produced record profits for insurers but a number of scenarios could trigger a disastrous 2007 with $100 million or more in claims.
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Insurance. We both love it and hate it. But it's protection against risk and with any risk, the more you know the better prepared you are to deal with it.

Review 2006
Record profits didn't stop insurers' huge premium hikes on hazard insurance but a waning season portends good news.
Preview 2007
Despite a quiet 2006, any of a number of scenarios could trigger a dreaded blockbuster year with $100 million or more in claims.
Best moves 2007
Year's end is a good time to get your annual insurance checkup to make sure you are paying for the kind of coverage you need.
Is long-term care insurance right for you?
New laws that make it more difficult for Americans to qualify for nursing home benefits through Medicaid.
Homeowners insurance: Don't go bare
High premiums make it tempting, but experts say it's a big risk.
Kids gone? 20 tips to save on insurance
An empty nest could mean lower costs for health, auto and home insurance.


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