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  Two events that accelerated home equity debt in recent years appear to be fading.
 Home equity: A look inside
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Much change is occurring in home equity -- and the trend will continue. The best barometer for 2007 will be the Federal Reserve.

Review 2006
As the average HELOC rate passed up 30-year fixed rates, some people were paying them off, some pounced on hybrid HELOC products and still others stood pat but grumbled about those high interest rates.
Preview 2007
Two events accelerated home equity debt in the early years of this century, and both appear to be fading away.
Best moves 2007
In 2007, the best moves to make on equity debt can be boiled down to this: Keep an eye on the Federal Reserve.
Ditching your HELOC?
Home equity line of credit payments have been skyrocketing, but the worst may be over. If the payment pain is too great, you have other options.
Equity loan or credit line?
The choice is seldom black and white, but these questions will help you decide.
Finding lenders online
For one thing, examine their records with the Better Business Bureau.


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