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2006: A look back - A look ahead  
  Change was the name of the game in 2006 while the biggest push for reform in 2007 will be aimed at college-related debt.
 College financing: A look inside
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College financing  

More applicants and escalating costs make paying for college more daunting than ever. But there's money available if you're willing to work for it.

Review 2006
What was different about college money in 2006? Almost everything.
Preview 2007
The specter of student debt hovers over 2007, but the news isn't all bad.
Best moves 2007
New rules, financial aid programs and other changes mean it's time to revamp how you'll pay for college.
Financing timeline
The beginning of the senior year of high school is a critical time to get serious about finding money for college.
FAFSA holds the keys
The FAFSA must be completed if you want your student to be eligible for federal and state aid.
College aid calculator
This Bankrate calculator will give you a good sense of what state and private schools will expect you to contribute.


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