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Special section Jump into travel

Memories may be free but vacations generally aren't. Here's how to save some money on your travels.

How to afford it

How to afford it

Go on vacation without going into debt. Save some money on your travels so you can keep the holiday relaxation going upon your return to real life.

Vacation without debt
20 savvy credit card tips
  Sometimes it's smarter to use credit and traveling definitely counts as one of those times. Here's how to use it wisely.
Charge to free travel
  Rewards cards can earn air miles and hotel stays just for spending money. The trick is to pay off the balance every month.
Travel insurance
  Depending on how you pay for your trip, you could already be covered in case of accidents or trip cancellation.
26 ways to save on summer vacation
  Use these tips from Bankrate.com readers to save even more money when traveling.
-- Posted: June 27, 2007
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  Save money getting there
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