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Money and marriage

A prenup primer

Bankrate.com is pleased to present a week's worth of good ideas on making money and marriage go together like a horse and carriage. There are tips here for couples just getting started in married life and successful strategies that any couple -- from newlyweds to those celebrating a golden anniversary -- can put to use.

Money personalities What's your money personality? Opposites often attract. Find out how you and your honey can get past the dollar bill hurdles.
PLUS: Budgeting for a wedding: one California couple is planning a rich ceremony and reception that won't put a dent in their wallets. We'll explain how you can do the same.
By Holden Lewis
His 'n' hers savings Though two hearts beat as one, two accounts don't necessarily fit together as snugly. Here's how to accomplish your financial merger.
PLUS: How to set up a money management system

By Michelle Samaad
Here comes the debt It's a recipe for credit disaster when an A+ credit holder marries a subprime spouse. We look at how love and credit can go wrong -- and tell couples how to avoid the common pitfalls.
PLUS: How to have that
chat about finances
By Lucy Lazarony
Making your financial dreams come true Here come the big bills: It takes planning to pay for the big-ticket items and make the big dreams possible. Here's help, whether you're buying a house or aiming to retire at 50.
A down payment registry lets guests chip in for the newlyweds' first home.
By Michael D. Larson
Understanding prenuptial agreements A prenuptial agreement isn't the most romantic gift, but there are cases that call for them. Here's how they work.
By Libby Wells

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