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Should I consolidate my debts?

You'll have the answer to this question only when you know how much debt you have. You might not be a consolidation candidate, or maybe the process was made for you. It all depends on what lands on the bottom line once you total up debts and assets.

Analyze your debt load

Take this short interactive quiz to get an idea of the seriousness of your debts.

Myths about debt consolidation

Find out the drawbacks and benefits of the process.

Dangers of consolidating debt

Be prepared for the side effects of this pill.

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8 ways to consolidate your debt

If you must consolidate debts, find the best method to do so.

Considering your consolidation options

First you have to face the problem that got you into trouble.

Focus on the objective of debt consolidation

Understand your goals before embarking.



-- Posted: May 9, 2005




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