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Spending styles: What's in, what's out

Hot on this fall's fashion runway are dollar-and-cent-sible money habits. Discover the latest in spending styles from dining-in to no-frill checking. Our fashion sense puts cash back in your pocket!

Update your financial wardrobe
Out: Meeting friends out for expensive dinners

In: Inviting friends home for dinner
Serve up a dining delight without starving your bank account.
Plus: Save money on good wine

Out: Driving gas-guzzling SUVs

In: Economical autos
These "green" stylish cars can give you more mileage for a buck.
Plus: How to break free from an auto loan or lease

Out: Paying high fees and rates
In: Getting a better deal on all credit cards
Find the right credit card for you.
Plus: The right way to cancel a credit card
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Out: Putting finances on autopilot
In: Focused spending and budgets
Take charge and establish a money-smart spending plan.
Plus: Budget worksheet
Out: Being a number to your bank
In: Getting more bang from your bank
What banks offer to have a "total relationship" with customers like you.
Out: Deflated emergency savings
In: Paying into savings like a monthly bill
Tips for building an emergency fund.
Out: Shopping out of boredom
In: Shopping with purpose
Don't just settle for a selling price from one store. Comparison shop and save!
Out: Paying full price
In: Going for the discount
You can get discounts on just about anything simply by asking.
-- Posted: Oct. 16, 2003
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