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Stomp out identity theft

Want to avoid identity theft? Take control of your personal information. You don't have to get junk mail or telemarketing calls -- opt out, speak up and be vigilant. Some details are out of your control, but you can do your best to protect yourself with these tips.

Don't let your guard down
10 things anyone can find out about you
Almost anyone can find out seemingly private information about you, including your real estate holdings and your speeding-ticket history.
Plus: The latest ID theft scams
Who needs to know your Social Security number?
Uncle Sam and a very few others. Guard it closely.
Sign up for the national 'do-not-call' registry
You can block unwanted telemarketing calls.
Opt-out for privacy
Annual privacy notices allow consumers the opportunity to cut out information sharing.
Plus: A privacy 'opt out' form letter
ID theft takes on new faces
An ounce of awareness is the key to identity theft prevention.
Plus: How to protect your identity
All it takes is one slip (of paper) for an identity thief to strike
Shoulder-surfing and dumpster diving are not sporting events.
Old address + new credit card = danger
Moving? Always let your creditors know.
Wipe that hard drive before tossing computer
Go way beyond pressing the delete key when covering your digital tracks.
Californians, get a credit lock-down!
Freeze your credit report so no one can open any form of credit in your name.
-- Posted: Aug. 22, 2003
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