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Just ask! The discount secret

Did you know you can get discounts on just about anything simply by asking? We don't mean just haggling down car prices -- but mortgages, credit cards, banking fees and insurance, too. All you have to do is pick up the phone, write a letter or go online and ask! You'll be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Ask and you shall receive a discount
Following these rules can get you a better deal on anything.
Plus: 25 discount ideas to use every day
What your alumni association can do for you
Membership has it perks -- other than school spirit.
Why pay sky-high credit card rates?
Make the call to customer service and starting saving today.
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Get rid of private mortgage insurance early
PMI is expensive. Do you still need it?
QUIZ: Can you get rid of your PMI?
Haggle down home and car prices like a pro
Here are the tricks of the trade.
Save on your teens' auto insurance
Kids cost enough as it is.
Get more bang from your bank
If your bank won't meet your needs, find one that will.


-- Updated: Oct. 7, 2003




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