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Winter wonderland of bargain shopping

Is the weather outside giving you chills -- or is it the thought of all that holiday debt? Fear not, little elf, Bankrate.com has a solution -- become a bargain shopper.

Last-minute cheap (not chintzy) gifts

In a hurry to find great gifts? You don't have to spend a lot just because you're short on time.

Going once! Twice! Sold to the online auction bargain seeker!

Great bargains and unique gifts can be found on the virtual auction block. Here's how to bid and buy in online auctions.
Plus: Checklist for participating in an online auction

Gifts for star-struck friends
What do you give a friend who's crazy about Antonio Banderas? Bid in a celeb charity auction or make a donation to the star's favorite charity. Here's how.
Dreaming of holiday travel bargains?
Plan your holiday getaway now to save.
Plus: 14 tips for stretching your vacation buck
The coupon queen shares her clipping tips
Save on this season's dinner parties and day-long grazing.
Plus: Supermarket shopping quiz
I brake for holiday spending
How to stay within your budget.
Cleaning up at garage sales
Nosing through your neighbor's junk could be your salvation.
16 ways to find an extra $50
Rooting through the sofa for loose change? We've got some better ideas.
-- Updated: Dec. 3, 2003
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