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Take charge of your retirement accounts

The contentment of investing your 401(k) and other retirement monies in the stock market totally evaporated over the past quarter. Some of us don't even want to open our quarterly statements. It's time to pull your head out of the sand and give your retirement accounts a reality check.

Take charge of your future
Quiz: What's your risk tolerance?
Do you know how willing you are to take investment chances? We dare you to find out.
Investing strategies 101
An explanation of fundamental investment strategies, from "buy and hold" to "dollar-cost averaging."
Plus: Top 10 mutual-fund terms
Diversification dividends
Balancing your investments to include fixed-income products can keep your head above water when the stock market is in a downturn.
Unhappy with your financial adviser?
What you can do if you feel you've been scammed by your financial adviser
Your mood can cost you money
Experts say our emotions and biases often determine our investment choices. How about you?
Plus: Beat your investing biases
Frequently asked questions about 401(k)s
Need to tap your retirement account? Want to diversify? Bankrate experts tackle these questions and more.
Don't forget that old 401(k)
New rules could cost you if you lose track.
-- Posted: Aug. 9, 2002


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