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Figuring out financial aid

Getting in was your child 's job, now comes yours -- deciphering the financial aid information.

FAFSA, PLUS, Stafford and more . . .
Deciphering financial aid awards
Loans, grants and scholarships are all considered financial aid. Here's a guide to the lingo of award letters and deadlines.
How to find scholarship money
Good news: Free money is up for grabs! Better news: You don't have to be a genius to qualify!
Private colleges standardize financial aid
Yale, Cornell, Stanford, Duke and other elite schools set up common money guidelines -- including parents' expected contribution.
PLUS: List of participating colleges
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Other ways to make the grade . . .
Higher education at bargain prices
When it comes to schools, community colleges may be the most overlooked good deal out there.
Paying for college in hard times
Don't let a financial crisis derail your college plans.
Understanding prepaid college plans
New rules allowing tax-free withdrawals make state-sponsored college savings programs even more attractive.


-- Updated: April 11, 2003




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