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A Guy's Guide to Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Should you care? You betcha. Feb. 14 is not a day to come home empty-handed -- unless of course, you like sleeping on the couch. You must do something -- and we've got a truckload of ideas sure to transform you into her Casanova for the day.

A manly man's advice: Gentlemen, just give in
Let's review: You can't give her anything useful or that might even remotely interest you.
What she really wants for Valentine's Day
Hey, guys -- this might surprise you! Emotion, not expense, should be at the core of your gift.
The cost of …Valentine's Day
A look at the costs involved in expressing your affection -- from roses to chocolates to a romantic dinner.
Taking stock in your romance
Say it with an investment in Tiffany's or Victoria's Secret
Valentine's Day money quiz
Sure, Feb. 14 means hearts and flowers, but it also means dollars and cents. Quick -- what's a dozen roses cost?
Love and money quiz
When it comes to marital money matters, how do you and your mate relate?
-- Posted: Feb. 8, 2002
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