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     Dealing with disaster

Financial survivor kit

The terror attack on America delivered a hard blow to the nation's financial capital, creating financial ripples that could hit your pocketbook. Here's a snapshot of how consumers and their money have been affected, along with some smart moves to make and some to avoid.


Con artists target Sept. 11 charity donors

The charitable outpouring following the terror attack has attracted conmen who don't stop at stealing money. They steal identities, too.

"Acts of War" shouldn't hinder insurance payoffs

Law and public response indicate companies won't use the wartime exclusion.

Corporate self-defense

Small companies may not be terrorist targets, but the attacks awoke many business owners to the need to protect themselves.

Muslims chasing the American dream

Islam's ban on interest makes it hard to be a homeowner.

Will insurance rates go up?

The insurance industry has taken a big hit from the Sept. 11 disaster, but experts don't foresee widespread rate increases.

Financial burdens pile up on called-up reservists

When Uncle Sam calls, reservists pay the price -- financially, too. Today's Guard is called up more frequently and longer, often putting the finances back home in harm's way.
PLUS: How to protect your civilian job
AND: Employers' obligations to reservists

War bonds may fund anti-terror drive

They helped whip the Nazis -- can war bonds help fight terrorism, too? Legislation to re-create the WWII era financing mechanism has been introduced in Congress.

War bonds: Expect a long wait

The slow-motion federal bureaucracy means the wait for war bonds could stretch from here to eternity.

Scammers divert heartfelt donations

The Sept. 11 disaster has brought out the worst in a few people, who have used the tragedy to set up scams. Here's how to make sure your heartfelt donation goes to the right place.

Fed to lenders: Cut borrowers a break

The Federal Reserve Board on Friday urged banks to ease up on customers affected by the Sept. 11 disaster.

Bond with your nation, buy U.S. savings bonds

Money invested in savings bonds helps finance our country's borrowing needs.
PLUS: Buying savings bonds through payroll deductions
AND: Types of savings bonds

Is your financial data safe?

Computer backup procedures should ensure that account information remains secure and available, even when disaster strikes.

Disaster do's and don'ts

Don't panic, but do keep a watch on your finances this week.
Disaster-proof your important papers
You have five minutes to clear out of your house. Do you know what papers to grab?
Prepare a living will before disaster strikes
Why you should have a living will and durable power of attorney, and how to go about setting them up.
Post-disaster advice from 5 financial experts
Learn what these money managers are advising their clients to do now.
How terrorism affects mortgage rates
Tuesday's terror moves the mortgage market into uncharted territory.
Mail service is returning to normal

Will your lenders cut you a break if your payment is late because of delays in the check-delivery system?

Where to donate and how
In light of Tuesday's tragedy, financial institutions are making it easier to donate money.
Disaster help for small businesses

Corporate self-defense

Small companies may not be terrorist targets, but the attacks awoke many business owners to the need to protect themselves.
Disaster impacts business in many ways

From higher insurance costs to major transportation problems, businesses will pay a price for the terrorist attacks.

Federal disaster loans help businesses recover

When catastrophe strikes, the Small Business Administration offers two types of loans to help pull your company through.

Disaster insurance can keep your business humming:

Be proactive! Consider business interruption insurance.

Organize your business records
What financial records business owners need to keep and for how long.
-- Updated: Sept. 28, 2001
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