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  The money messages in movies

Everything I know about money I learned at the movies.

OK, l did learn some things from my parents. Then there was that college economics class. And marriage has been a continual money education.

But movies can reveal financial truths, even when money isn't the film's main theme. That's because money and movies are inextricably linked.

Hollywood execs routinely measure a production's success by its box office take; after all, that's how they keep premium gas in their Ferraris.


Mere multiplex patrons like you and I make the cash-celluloid connection every time we hand over $10 to the teenager in the ticket booth. As the previews wind down and the theater lights dim, we settle in and hope that our admission-price investment will return a decent plot and some interesting performances.

And, sometimes, an afternoon at the movies does pay off. We get a wonderful story, good acting and a life -- or money -- lesson, too, not to mention finding out which concession stand treats really are the best value!

Here are 10 "money" movies, from classic to corny, adventure to comedy, and their sound financial advice:


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