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Exclusive   2008 CD study: Online versus in-branch yields
  STATISTIC: Of the 10 banks surveyed, three had the same yield for  
  the four financial products surveyed for online versus in-branch.  
CD study results

2008 CD study results

Bankrate.com surveyed 10 banks across the country that offer CDs online and in their branches. The study was conducted on Feb. 5 by Bankrate researchers Mike Calderone, Deborah Carrick and Karen Harabin. Here are the results as of that day.

2008 CD study results
Bank name
Market of branch
Bank of America Los Angeles
HSBC Bank/HSBC Direct New York
EverBank Jacksonville, Fla.
Washington Mutual Bank San Francisco
IndyMac Bank Los Angeles
Emigrant Bank/Emigrant Direct New York
Citibank/Citibank Direct New York
Countrywide Bank Dallas
AmTrust Bank/AmTrust Direct Cleveland
Zions Bank Salt Lake City
-- Posted: Feb. 11, 2008
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