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Find your money personality

Each person tends to fit into one of the following money personalities. Which one best describes you?


You're a ...
Budget and save carefully and hesitate to make unplanned purchases Hoardere
Buy spontaneously and impulsively Spender
Talk a lot about money and may become obsessed with it Worrier
Hate to deal with money at all Avoider
Think money is dirty and corrupting Money monk
Depend your self-worth on how much is spent or saved Money amasser
Like plotting finances in detail (and probably spend a lot of time making charts in Quicken) Planner
Are a visionary who have dreams about the future but doesn't know how to get there Dreamer
Love adventurous investing Risk taker
Want safe and secure investments and can't abide risk when it comes to making money Risk avoider
Don't want or need separate accounts Money merger
Need for some or all accounts to be discrete Money separatist

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-- Updated: April 11, 2002

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