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Shop 'til you drop -- Well, that's the easy part -- especially for half of the home buying public. Here's our experts' advice on focusing your search on the right house in the right neighborhood at the right price. We'll share with you what's hot in housing, what to look for, what to watch out for, what to do and what not to do.

Home Buyer's Guide
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Before you start looking
What's hot in houses? -- And, just as important, what definitely is not so hot in the home market this summer.

Home prices around the country -- A snapshot at how home prices have changed in major metropolitian areas across the nation over the past quarter.

What's the best kind of home for you? -- Before you start looking for a new home, examine your own lifestyle to help decide what form of ownership fits it best.

Focusing on specific homes
Inspect the neighborhood -- Before you buy, make sure that lot across the street isn't slated to become a landfill. Here's how to check on your prospective community before you move in.

Get a CLUE before you sign -- There's a new obstacle blocking the road to buying a house, but you can bypass it if you just pause to get a CLUE.

What to look for in a house -- inside and out -- Don't fret about the colors. There are more important things to examine.

20 things that can alter the value of a home -- What's really an asset, and what isn't.

Getting the right house at the right price
Where to find sale prices on nearby homes -- A little research can help you find the right price, if you know where to look.

Offers and counter offers -- You don't want to offer too much -- or ask for too little.

10 biggest mistakes home buyers make -- A veteran home builder gives some tips on what NOT to do when buying a home.

What disclosure laws mean for you -- Now when a house goes on the market, it's "seller beware"' as property disclosure forms require sellers to reveal intimate details about their homes.

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