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How much do kids cost? A lot. Calculate the price for 18 years of joy.

What is the cost of raising a child?

What is the cost of raising a child?
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Children are worth their weight in gold -- that is, when you add up all the costs. Use this calculator to figure out Junior's bottom line.

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  What is the cost of raising a child?
Expense Starting age Ending age Annual amount
Child care: $
Groceries: $
Clothing: $
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Gift giving: $
Bigger home: $
Bigger car: $
Education: $
Recreation: $
Additional insurance: $
Health care: $
Miscellaneous: $
Total amount needed to raise this child: $
Defaults roughly based on U.S. Department of Agriculture annual report "The Cost of Raising a Child," Release No. 0127.98.
-- Posted: Aug. 02 2007
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