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Special section Love and money -- oil and water?

Keep your relationship and bottom line healthy by learning to live happily ever after with money.

Love and money -- oil and water?

Fireworks often overwhelm practical issues in matters of the heart. After the swooning and pulse racing subside, reality creeps stealthily into the relationship -- often in the form of dollar signs.

Whether it's a dictatorial approach to finances on one end of the spectrum or a laissez-faire attitude toward spending at the other end, money can be a fly in the ointment of love.

Love and money
Opposites attract -- even when it comes to feelings about money
 Both people in a relationship can't spend money with reckless abandon, which explains why savers and spenders frequently drive each other crazy.
Gender spender: Sex sets your money DNA
 Men and women see the world differently; right down to how they save and spend money.
Talk about your debts early
 Before picking out your future kids' names, find out if you're headed for financial wedded bliss or a train wreck.
Getting married again? See a lawyer
 Things are more complicated a second (third or fourth) time around. When you have kids and assets to protect, realistic concerns should prevail.
Teamwork and understanding make expensive dreams come true
  This Valentine's Day learn how to live in financial harmony with your partner and work together toward long-term goals.
Love and money quiz
 Think you and your honey have the whole financial thing down pat? Take this quiz to find out.

-- compiled by Sheyna Steiner

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-- Posted: Feb. 12, 2007
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