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Special section Giving the gift of charity

Feeling generous? The holiday season is a perfect time for philanthropy. But before spending money or time, take a look at our guide to giving.

Leaving a legacy

Giving the gift of charity

Winston Churchill said: "We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give." Indeed, philanthropy is good for the donor and the recipient, so rejoice in the holiday season that celebrates service to others.

In this special section, Bankrate examines the various ways to contribute to charities and how to make sure that whether you donate goods or time, your gift is the most meaningful.

Giving the gift of charity:
Donations big and small
  Whether you plan to endow a university or just contribute, there are various paths to the role of benefactor.
Check out your charity
  Make sure it's legit before you open your wallet.
Give your gift clout
  Add extra power with these strategies for charitable donations.
Gift cards get in on the act
  Gift cards are giving buyers and recipients the chance to donate to worthy causes during the holiday season.
-- Posted: Dec. 3, 2007

Bankrate's 2007 Gift Card Study
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