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Transcript: Shopping by the calendar

Anchor Intro: There's an old expression that says, "Buy straw hats in winter." It means buying things out of season can save you money. As it turns out, for every shopping spree, there's a season. Bankrate.com takes us on a tour of the calendar to see when you'll find the best bargains.

Voice over 1: Love it or hate it, you can't get through life without it. I'm talking about shopping.

Voice over 2: But if you'd like to get through it for less, you should use the seasons to your advantage.

Voice over 3: For obvious reasons, winter is when you're going to find the best deals on air conditioners, bicycles, boats, grills -- outdoor stuff. Linen sales are normally in January.

Voice over 4: New furniture arrives in showrooms in February and August, so your best deals there are January and July. TVs are also a good winter purchase, especially around the holidays.

Voice over 5: Spring is when cookware promotions blossom; fall is also good. Spring is also when the real estate market thaws. And new vacuum models come out in June, so spring is the time to suck up a bargain.

Voice over 6: And what about summer? Computers are often discounted as back to school approaches, and July is another furniture month.

Voice over 7: And that leaves fall: As kids start studying again, study major appliances: That's when new models show up, and last year's stuff gets discounted. Also true with cars and RVs.

Standup: So the calendar can be a shopper's friend. And if you want to save an additional 50 percent or more on the things you need, think used. Yard sales, classifieds, auctions -- that's a way to save all year round. For Bankrate.com, I'm Kristin Arnold.

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-- Posted: Oct. 15, 2008
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