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Special section Be free of fees

Fees find their way into everything. Find out when they'll get you, how much they cost and how to avoid them.


Be free of fees

Buried in fine print or otherwise concealed by dense legal mumbo-jumbo, fees can come out of nowhere. One day you're on top of the world enjoying snacks and a frosty beverage from a local store courtesy of a handy check card, the next you're down and out with a laundry list of overdraft charges thanks to ill-timed checks combined with micro-purchases on that same handy check card.

It's not only obscure banking procedures and newfangled check cards mixing up consumers. Fees are multiplying. With a dizzying array of products and services, banks and credit issuers charge more fees than ever while the cost of the old, familiar fees continues to climb.

Bankrate.com's fee-for-all
Are you sick of paying fees?
  Check out this roundup of fees charged by banks, credit card companies and lenders to see what's average and how to avoid paying them.
Why we pay fees
  Remember when fees were only for big mistakes? My, how life has changed.
Who loves the fees?
  Fees have hit historic highs, yet banks and credit issuers claim they're no richer because of them.
Fee-fighting tools
  Fight back against banking fees. Shop for the best rates and use these work sheets and calculators to keep yourself on track.
-- Posted: June 11, 2007
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