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You think your move is tough? How would you like a move that took six months and involved oxen pulling your stuff across the plains? That is, unless you chose to sail around the tip of South America in a little wooden boat. Most moves aren't quite that rough, but all provide their own considerations -- such as the special problems of moving kids, seniors and pets.

O U T of the B O X

Wagons ho! When moving was really tough -- How about a six-month-long move? If you think loading up that moving truck to relocate thousands of miles across the country to the West Coast is more complicated than it's ever been, think again. You could be trying to travel across the country in 1850.

Packing for the Oregon Trail -- Just what would you have needed for a six-month hike across the country? Here's a list that might've helped you out.

Traffic jams on the Oregon Trail -- The fields outside jumping-off towns such as Independence, Mo. were thronged with travelers, wagons and animals.

Finding friends in a new place -- Moving can really mess up your social life. For kids, it's easy to make new friends in a new place. For adults, it can be very tough. Here's how you can deal with it.

Tips for frequent movers -- Most people plan to stay in a house for years, but few actually do. On average, American adults move every five years. So perhaps it's time to think about alternatives to the traditional 30-year mortgage approach to home buying.

Relocating your special senior citizen -- Here are some important things to keep in mind when helping your elderly parents move.

Relocation can be stressful for pets -- Tips for making it easier on pets when you move.

Children may need extra care -- Even very young children can be upset by a move. Here are signs to look for in younger and older children, plus tips for making the transition easier.

There's no easy move for divorced parents -- A parent often has to prove to the courts that a move would improve his or her children's lives. The motive must be pure and pass the "smell" test.

Tips on picking a safe temporary storage facility -- How safe is your stuff? Tips to help ensure its safety.

Old address and new credit card spells danger -- A replacement card coming to your old address could cost you.




Guide to Moving
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