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Yo-Yo Ma: Family is best investment -- His cello is almost 300 years old and worth $2.5 million. His smartest investment? No, he says. That would be his family. Yo-Yo Ma
Pat Robertson parlayed $70 into a fortune -- The famed television preacher discusses his earthly bottom line. Pat Robertson
Sober Paula Poundstone hits the stand-up trail -- Her well-publicized legal problems are behind her, but the financial aftermath lingers. Paula Poundstone
Sara Moulton's secret: Making cooking fun -- The Food Network chef uses her celebrity to cook up book sales, too. Sara Moulton
Jake Johannsen glides into success -- The stand-up comic isn't a household name, but has achieved a sustainable level of fame -- and fortune. Jake Johannsen
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Dilbert's dad: Weaseling his way to success -- The creator of the world's favorite cube-farm dweller discusses his own uncannily Dilbert-like investment experience. Scott Adams
David Crosby's big money is a long time gone -- A bad accountant and lots of drugs ate through a fortune, but as he's recovered his life, his finances rebounded, too. David Crosby
Sugar Ray Leonard keeps fighters off the financial ropes -- As he promotes his stable of contenders, the former champion teaches both left jabs and financial responsibility. Sugar Ray Leonard
Aimee Mann won't play nice for others -- The fiercely independent streak of the Grammy-winning singer has forced her to learn the recording business, and she's done it well. Aimee Mann
The Doors' Robby Krieger gets royalty treatment -- The legendary band's decision in the '60s to split everything equally is still paying off for the surviving members. Robby Krieger
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