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Fame & Fortune
Macy Gray
Sultry singer's creativity extends to fashion, film
Celebrity interview

Fame & Fortune: Macy Gray

Bankrate: On what level have you matured and on what level do you still consider yourself a teen?

Macy Gray: I don't go to clubs anymore, which is a real sign I'm getting older. I like to go to Fashion Week and see all the new clothing trends instead. I'll go to dinner or birthday parties, but no clubs anymore.

I remember when I was young and going there, I'd see older people and we would always call them "Uncle" and make fun of them. For the first time, I'm thinking about my future and the stability of it. I've always lived in the moment and never really thought about a year or two from now. But I'm thinking more about my finances and maybe that's because of my children.

Bankrate: Where and how do you like to spend your money?

Macy Gray: I like gambling -- Las Vegas or anywhere really. I like playing poker and I'm actually pretty good at it. (She came in third place in a Celebrity Poker Tournament) If not poker, than video games.

I also love traveling to Europe. I like going to new places and seeing new cultures, new faces. You realize how small America is. And I'm attached to massages. There's nothing like spending money on a good massage. And I like going to movies and spending money on food. Plus I like going to comedy clubs because I like to laugh. I think it's crucial to have a good time and laugh, and I laugh easily anyway.

Bankrate: Do you like to live extravagantly?

Macy Gray: Not really. My clothing line is coming along, slowly. "Humps" is for voluptuous women and it's within my Natalie Hinds collection. But that's a lot of work. A perfect day for me is not lavish at all. It's laying in bed all day. I love those days; and then I'll get out of bed around 8 p.m., finally get up and go have dinner and then back to bed and read. I think that's one of the best days ever.

Bankrate: What are some recent books you enjoyed?

Macy Gray: I remember two years ago, I read "In My Skin," a book for teenagers about a black girl who discovers herself and how her race impacts her life. It was really interesting. I was raised to think that my color was really powerful.

I had a mother who was really into civil rights. From her point of view, being black was the best thing and I never felt inferior or not being able to have things. That was great, but at the same time, when racism is being thrown at me, I don't notice it that much because, in my head, I'm just as cool as everybody else. So the book was different because this girl was almost consumed by racism.

Bankrate: If you were to write a song on your life, what would it be called?

Macy Gray: "The Sexiest Woman Alive."

Bankrate.com's corrections policy -- Posted: July 18, 2008
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