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Fame & Fortune
Randy Quaid
Plucked from acting class, first movie made lasting imprint
Celebrity interview

Fame & Fortune: Randy Quaid

Bankrate: You've had a very successful personal life and professional life with financial security. What would you say your financial stability has been able to afford you?

Randy Quaid: I think for most actors, financial stability is not a phrase that goes with that profession. But I have been very fortunate. There's a comfort level, I think, that I've been able to achieve. I don't like to take extravagant vacations or spend extravagantly; I just like to be comfortable. Being able to get a nice hotel room if you need it for a couple of days is always a nice feeling of financial stability. Right now, we're moving from our home; we just sold it. We're moving from Los Angeles and it looks like New York right now.

Bankrate: What was your first big splurge and last big splurge?

Randy Quaid: When I got my first big paycheck, I moved from a $135 apartment to a $235 apartment. Then when I was doing "Break Out," right after "The Last Detail," I bought a new Audi with a stereo. I was doing night shooting at the time and I remember driving around the empty freeways at night listening to the stereo before I'd go home.

But it wasn't until I met Evi that I learned what true splurging was (loud laugh). She showed me the ropes on that one. Evi came home one day when we first got together and bought these new drinking glasses. She asked how I liked them and I said they're nice, they look great, honey. She said they were Baccarat glasses and I asked how much they were. Oh, $500 apiece. WHAT??!! I just went right through the roof -- $500 for drinking glasses. I was like Desi Arnaz (in his Desi accent) "you take these back right now."

Bankrate: And did she?

Randy Quaid: Yeah, she did.

Bankrate: So you play golf a lot in your leisure time. That can get to be an expensive sport.

Randy Quaid: I quit playing golf; I used to do that a lot. I had played it for so long; I played it for 40 years. I love the game and still watch it, but I just wanted to do something else. Right now I'm into chess. I've got a computer and when I'm on location, I find someone who plays. And I have a few friends in Los Angeles that are pretty good.

Bankrate: What is your most prized possession?

Randy Quaid: I don't really hold much as possessions. I'm not a material kind of guy.

Bankrate.com's corrections policy -- Posted: May 30, 2008
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