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Delta Burke
She learned life's financial lessons the hard way
Celebrity interview

Fame & Fortune: Delta Burke

Delta Burke may always be remembered as the feisty Southern belle, Suzanne Sugarbaker, in "Designing Women," for which she received two Emmy nominations for best actress in a comedy series.

But Burke has also been giving the fashion industry a reality check with her Delta Burke Design clothing line that allows plus-sized women to look radiant in trendy clothing.

Burke's road to Hollywood began on the beauty pageant circuit, first winning the title of Miss VFW Post 8207 at age 16.

In 1974 she was crowned Miss Florida, which allowed Burke to represent the state in the Miss America pageant and win a talent scholarship.

Burke eventually found success not only on "Designing Women," but also on Broadway in "Steel Magnolias," and has appeared on "Boston Legal."

She met her husband, actor Gerald McRaney, on the set of "Designing Women." They've renewed their vows twice during their 20-year marriage.

Bankrate: You have one of the most successful Hollywood marriages around. And I know you also planned your own renewal vows -- are you a romantic at heart?

Delta Burke: Yeah, we've done this twice -- renewals. The first time was when we were filming and producing a movie in New Orleans and Mac was directing it, and I began planning our renewals.

I had a new wedding gown, new bridesmaids, new colors ... just give me a theme and I go with it. I love to do this. I rode up in a carriage with my hoop skirt and he came riding a white horse and took my hand to get me out of the carriage. We spoke offhand and renewed our vows. There was a jazz band under the oaks with wonderful food afterward. We enjoyed it more than the first real wedding because it was mainly family and friends.

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