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Jaclyn SmithFame & Fortune: Jaclyn Smith

Acting or business, 'Angels' star is 'Shear Genius'

At 57 years of age, Jaclyn Smith's beauty is still palpable. 

One of the original cast members of "Charlie's Angels," the still-talked-about TV blockbuster, Smith has remained the busiest and most successful of the show's starring trio. "Luck," she claims, had a lot to do with it, but actually it was her shrewdness that has paid off. 

Early on, she made a crucial decision to avoid film and stick to television because it affords actresses much longer career lives.  Her instincts carried over to the commercial aspect of herself with one of the longest spokesmodels for Max Factor -- more than 16 years.

And way before J. Lo began hawking her clothing line and perfume, Smith began a lucrative association with K-Mart that began in 1985. The partnership between Smith and K-Mart has proved successful for both, with her line a mainstay for the retail chain since its introduction and has been worn by more than 100 million women. What began as a collection of clothing has branched out into jewelry, and accessories, with a Jaclyn Smith Home furnishings line introduced last year. Annual sales have reached as high as $600 million. Last month, the Houston-born beauty once again cashed in on her looks by being named host of Bravo's new reality competition called "Shear Genius" that recently began production. 

Today, Smith remains in demand and made a jaw-dropping appearance on last year's Emmys in honor of Aaron Spelling when all three original angels took center stage together 30 years after the show's debut. At her spacious Bel Air home, in Los Angeles, that she shares with her fourth husband, cardiologist Brad Allen and her two children -- Gaston, 24, and Spencer Margaret, 20 from a previous marriage -- Smith's glamorous, yet wholesome looks are still the key to her longevity. As for that ageless face, the Houston-born entrepreneur/actress notes many things have happened since "Charlie's Angels," and they all add up to where she is today. "There's a different look coming from your eyes; it's not older, younger, better or worse.  But after you live life, what comes across in your look is different. The lack of innocence perhaps." 

Bankrate: Tell us about your K-Mart association.

Jaclyn Smith: It's been great and has evolved into so many other areas besides a clothing line.I started with five clothing collections a year and now I have over a dozen, besides watches, shoes, handbags, sunglasses, perfume, home furnishings. It's really gone way beyond my expectations and dreams. The relationship is a wonderful one but I don't have the need to defend my clothing like I used to because it speaks for itself. And I oversee almost everything.

Bankrate: If Hollywood turned its back on you one day as it has so many other "mature" actresses, would you turn all your efforts to business ventures? 

Jaclyn Smith: I love decorating and designing homes. So I wouldn't mind thinking about a career in that field. But my K-Mart lines are really very lucrative. I'm thankful for the creative areas I've gone into with my designs and the things I've accomplished with K-Mart. Now so many other actresses have branched out into their own lines which I hope, I have influenced as a success.

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