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For most major remodeling jobs, you're going to need to hire professionals. But for many projects you can save all the fun for yourself. And Bankrate will help. We'll warn you about the most common mistakes that do-it-yourselfers make, give you some ideas for cheap fix-ups and cheer you with some of the dandy new products that are on the market now. We even show you some portable projects for renters who want to make things nice without battling with the landlord.
D O  I T  Y O U R S E L F E R S

10 mistakes do-it-yourselfers make -- Home improvement projects often go astray. Here's some of the reasons why.

New products for the do-it-yourselfer -- From ultralight spackle to snap-together flooring, check out these innovative ways to do things.

Home improvement projects for renters -- Just because you're not going to stay doesn't mean you can't make it better while you're there.

Decorating your home on the cheap -- Don't have the cash for a total makeover? Here's some inexpensive ways to make your house look better.


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Home Improvement
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