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You've decided to make the old place look like new again. Now all you have to do is figure out how to pay for it. Whether it's a historic house you want to renovate, a wheelchair ramp the doctor said you needed or just the addition of a badly needed bedroom, we've got some ideas that will help. We might even get Uncle Sam to pick up part of the cost.

Financing your home remodeling job -- You need to measure your options as carefully as you measure your lumber.

Remodeling? Make sure you are covered -- A lot can go wrong when you decide to fix up a house. Make sure your insurance will take care of it.

Tax breaks for medically required renovations -- If your doctor recommends it, Uncle Sam might help you pay for it.

Financing your fixer-upper -- OK, you're going to buy it. Now where are you going to get the money to repair it?

Use Title One to finance renovation -- For many people, the government backed loan program is the best option.

HELOC or home equity loan? It makes a difference -- Both offer good deals these days, but you need to check which is best for your situation.

Tax rules for home equity loans -- Usually you can deduct all or part of the interest you pay, but there are exceptions.


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Home Improvement
$30K HELOC 4.26%
$50K Home Equity Loan 4.35%
$75K Home Equity Loan 4.35%
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