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Transcript: Saving green by going green: interior design

Anchor Intro: Even if you're not fond of the color green, you can still go green when you furnish a room. Bankrate.com saves you green by going green with interior design.

Voice over 1: Katherine Dewolfe is an interior designer specializing in “green design.” Her green ways started after her daughter developed asthma and ADD. Both disappeared after she replaced toxic, allergen-filled items in their home with organic options.

SOT: “I feel it’s my moral responsibility to find healthy options for them, and my family and for my contractors...”

Voice over 2: Her contractors use eco-friendly, low-odor paint. It costs a little more… but goes on smoother... so takes just one coat to cover.

Voice over 3: She suggests recycling quality furniture from consignment shops... or even swapping with friends! Items may need some work. When she found this buffet, it was hot pink!

SOT: “It cost me $20… piece is worth several thousand if I try to sell it now...”

Voice over 4: She recommends organic candles that burn cleanly, sending no toxins in your air... natural fiber rugs… plus natural cotton or wool curtains and carpeting made with no pesticides. The master plan behind her green designs is big savings on health care!

SOT: “...Can't put a price tag on your health, that’s for sure!"

Standup: So while some elements of a green interior can cost you more, recycling your accessories and your furniture will most certainly cost you less. So consider it. Might save you some money, might save the planet, could even help your health. For Bankrate, I'm Kristin Arnold

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-- Posted: July 15, 2008
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