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Stopping credit bureau from sharing your data

As a consumer, you have privacy rights that specify what personal and financial information may be collected, how it can be gathered and who gets access to your data. These rules apply even credit bureaus.

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The Fair Credit Reporting Act was created more than 20 years ago to promote accuracy of consumer information and the privacy of the personal data collected by consumer reporting agencies, including credit bureaus. To accomplish this goal, the FCRA has a framework of practices related to personal information, including the accessibility of the data, limits on its use and distribution, and requirements for consent from the consumer regarding use of his or her collected data.

So what exactly does that mean to you? Basically, you need to take charge of your personal data and make sure that it's used -- or not used -- as you deem appropriate. One way is to demand that credit bureaus not place your personal information on a marketing list.

This form letter is a handy and easy way to let three credit reporting agencies -- Equifax, Experian and TransUnion -- know that you object to your personal information being disclosed to marketers.

Send a separate copy to each of the credit bureaus. Personalize it by entering your specifics in the areas in red. You can print out this Web page and make your changes by hand or copy the body of the letter and paste it into a document where you can make your changes on your PC.


Equifax Credit Information Services Inc.
P.O. Box 740241
Atlanta, GA 30374

TransUnion LLC
Consumer Disclosure Center
P.O. Box 1000
Chester, PA 19022

475 Anton Boulevard
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Dear Sir or Madam:

In accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, this letter is my formal request that credit bureau name remove my name from its marketing lists. I have listed below all the appropriate information to help you expedite this removal.

In this paragraph, list your full name: first, middle and last. Along with your current mailing address also provide previous mailing addresses you've had in the last six months. Don't forget to include your date of birth and Social Security number.

If you wish to explain why you want your name to be removed from the bureau's marketing list, do so here.

Thank you for your prompt attention to my request to be removed from your marketing list. Please send me written confirmation when you comply with this request.

Your Signature
Your printed name
Your mailing address
City, State and ZIP Code


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-- Posted: Oct. 23, 2003
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