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Bankrate's 2008 Financial Forecast
A look back at 2007
When it comes to personal finance, you can learn a lot about what will happen by looking at what has happened.
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Financial review of 2007

This month in history:
February, 1991
U.S. postage is raised from 25 cents to 29 cents.
Feb. 3, 1913
The 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified, granting Congress the authority to collect income taxes.
Feb. 15, 1908
Inventor Cyrus McCormick was born. He invented the horse-drawn mechanical reaper.
A computer glitch triggered by unusually heavy trading volume overloaded the New York Stock Exchange's computers, causing a 546-point drop in the Dow Jones and panic on Wall Street.

Oil giant Exxon Mobil reports 2006 profits of $39.5 billion, the largest profit ever for a U.S. company. Meanwhile, the average price of a gallon of gas in mid-February is $2.24.

JetBlue faces a customer-service catastrophe as the relative newcomer to the airline industry is forced to cancel nearly 1,100 flights in six days because of a major snowstorm in the Northeast.

A look at the numbers

Unemployment rate: 4.6 percent
CPI one-month change: +0.2 percent
Productivity: Q1 +0.7 percent
Average 60-month new-car loan: 7.76 percent
Federal funds rate: 5.25 percent
NAR existing homes sales: 6,850,000
Months' supply of existing home sales: 6.8
Existing home sales price: $213,600
Consumer debt: Q1 $2,418,500,000,000
Dow Jones industrial average high: 12,845.76
Average price for gallon of regular gas: $2.23
Weekly gas prices (cents per gallon)

Weekly gas prices (cents per gallon)
These numbers show the national average for the retail price of a gallon (cents per gallon) of gasoline.
-- Posted: Dec. 10, 2007
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