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Financial Literacy - Mortgages
Mortgage toolkit
Use these work sheets, calculators and money-saving tips to guide your mortgage decisions.
Understanding mortgages

Amortization schedule calculator
Calculate your payment and more

Calculate your monthly mortgage payment. Click on the "?" next to the input box for an item to get help on that item.

  Amortization schedule calculator
Mortgage amount  (Do not use commas.)
Mortgage term     years or months
Interest rate *      % per year
Mortgage start date   
Monthly Payments: $ 
See the impact of extra mortgage payments on your loan and create an amortization table.
Extra Payments
Calculate the impact of extra mortgage payments using any combination of the inputs below
Adding to your monthly mortgage payment
Adding as an extra yearly mortgage payment every
Adding as a one-time mortgage payment in
 Changes paid-off date to  

Find your loan: You can get personalized results based on interest rates for the location where you are looking to purchase or refinance. Use this search to compare current rates and lenders.

-- Posted: March 19, 2007

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