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Financial Literacy - Credit scores
Monitor your credit for free
Get tips for maximizing free resources available for checking your credit reports and credit score.
Credit scoring, demystified

Credit scoring and credit report glossary

4. Get it free when you've been denied. Anytime you get turned down for credit, you are guaranteed a free report.

5. Follow up for a freebie after fixing mistakes. After correcting an error, you get a free report to make sure the mistake has been removed.

6. Check it during your job hunt. Within the first six months of seeking employment, you are entitled to a free report.

7. Get a little added aid when you need it. If you want to get a rough idea of your credit score without having to pay, try out a scoring estimator.

8. Take advantage of package perks. While Congress has provided for free reports, you always end up paying for your scores in one way or another. Some credit bureaus offer "free" scores when you pay for a monitoring service or other package.

9. Try a scoring estimator. If you want to get a rough idea of your credit score without having to pay, try out a scoring estimator.

10. Check your score when already paying. Credit score disclosure is required for mortgages. You will get a score notice along with all other documents. You should never use this method as a way of ordering your reports because too many applications will negatively impact your credit score.

11. Save by doubling up. If you are interested in checking your score, it can be cheaper to order it at the same time as your free report. This should work out cheaper in total because you're not paying for a report at the same time.

12. Get free advice. Credit counselors at reputable agencies not only encourage people to look at their credit reports regularly, they provide free credit report and credit score counseling to help clients better understand the information.

-- Posted: June 18, 2007
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