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The ABCs of IRAs

Here are five quick lessons to help you understand individual retirement accounts.

Lesson 1: An introduction to IRAs

Understanding the basics of how these tax-saving retirement accounts work is a good first step.

Managing your IRA for maximum gain
Where to start investing for retirement
Playing catch-up in our IRAs
10 must-know IRA terms

Lesson 2: To spend or not to spend -- wise and unwise ways to cash out early

Saving too much to count on your fingers? Good. Now, don't waste it.

Tapping your IRA
Retiring early on a 401(k)/IRA without penalty
Don't do it! 4 good reasons for not tapping your IRA

Lesson 3: Using an IRA for real estate
Time for home economics with your IRA as a cash resource.

Self-directed IRAs: the way to invest in real estate
Rolling an IRA into rental property
IRA real estate investing
IRA home-buying limits


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Lesson 4: Roths -- Save, stay, then roll over. Good investor!
Ready for second-semester IRAs? Roth: Watch it grow tax-free.

The ABCs of Roth IRAs
The rules of the Roth
Is a Roth IRA right for you?
Time to convert to a Roth?
Avoiding the Roth IRA 'excess contribution' tax
Roth IRA guidelines

Lesson 5: Making the world a little bit smarter -- education with an IRA
Now that you have learned so much, use the educated way to invest in your children's future.

Coverdell education savings accounts
Can you cancel an Education IRA?
Cashing in an IRA to pay college costs
Tax Tip: Education IRAs -- new name, more options
Section 529 College Savings Plans

-- Posted: April 6, 2004



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