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  Invest in yourself -- 20s
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Early 20s: Balancing fun, work and your cash

You've not a teen and you're not old. You are young, open-minded, passionate about life and responsible for your own money. Sort of.

Unless you're living in the Osborne's house in MTV-land, you've been hit up by credit card companies soliciting your business zillions of times. You probably have a check card, a debit card or an ATM card connected to your checking account. If your parents aren't bankrolling your life, you work. You may very well be in college and working.

Here are some easy tricks and tips for stretching your income, winning at the credit card game and managing your money, so there's some left over for spring break.

Finish your college education, Graduate into your first job, Get a handle on your cash flow, Buying a car -- your first major purchase,
Manage your credit and debts, How to save and invest, What insurances do you need?, Taxes and you


Late 20s -- Put your finances on solid ground

Now that you're firmly in your twenties, it's time to get serious about organizing your finances. If you're the typical college graduate, you probably have student loans and maybe even some credit card debt. Most likely, you've found a professional job or have several years of steady employment under your belt.

Take advantage of your earnings by paying down your debts as quickly as possible. Focus on the expensive debts and get rid of them. Get financially healthy before starting a family of your own.

Managing cash flow, Credit and debt, Newlyweds, First home, New baby, Family car, Saving and investing, Insurances, Estate planning, Taxes and you

-- Posted: Jan. 20, 2003

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