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You've got money -- 14 to 16 years old

Teen years signal the beginning of personal independence. You can earn money at a real job and in most states qualify for a driver's license when you're 16 years old. Finally, you've got some extra cash.

Sure, the joy of earning and spending the money from your first job is great. But, do you really need all of it? Why not check out some of the basics of personal finance, so that you can not only enjoy the extra cash but also watch it grow.
First job, Understanding cash flow, Saving & investing
, First car, Taxes and you


You've got money -- 18 years old
High school graduates

Leaving the hallowed halls of your high school can be bittersweet. Homework is history, but personal responsibility kicks up to a whole new level. You'll probably be on the lookout for a full-time job, join the military or pursue a career. Unless, you're independently wealthy, you'll be working and earning more money than ever before. Make the most of your new status and establish financial freedom early on.
Landing a job, Managing your cash flow, Credit cards
, Autos, Saving & investing, Taxes and you

You've got money -- 18 years old
Off to college

Whether you plan to live on campus or off, money tends to slip quickly through your bank account once you're in college. A fun night out with friends, decorating your dorm room, tickets to concerts, college textbooks and other academic expenses can drain your finances quicker than you can download an MP3.

Unfortunately, for many college students, debt is a fact of life. But student loans and big credit card balances are not mandatory graduation requirements. You can enjoy everything that college life has to offer as long as you take control. All it takes is a plan of action for your spending.
Education costs and financial aid , Managing your cash flow, Credit cards
, Autos, Jobs, Taxes and you

-- Posted: Jan. 20, 2003

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