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  Countdown to retirement -- 60s
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Seniors and insurance

Probably one of the most dramatic changes in your budget this decade and going forward will be the high cost of insurance -- especially anything medical. Here's some guidance for trimming costs without losing the coverages you need.

Understanding long-term care insurance
Long-term care insurance helps cover what Medicare doesn't. It could potentially cover nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, adult day care, in-home care and other functions that help us get through everyday life. It is not medical insurance; it is simply for everyday life functions and living.

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Eligible for Medicare insurance
If you or a spouse paid Medicare taxes while working, you qualify for Medicare insurance once you are 65 years old. Even if you don't plan to receive benefits right away, you still should sign up for Medicare three months before you reach age 65. Check out the official Medicare Web site for more details.

Life insurance may not be necessary
Only buy life insurance if your death will cause a financial hardship for people you care about. If you have no dependents and your spouse will be taken care of through Social Security, pensions, IRAs and savings, you probably do not need to buy life insurance.

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Protect your property
You want to keep your insurance costs down without reducing your needed coverage. Here's how to cut costs when you can.

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-- Posted: Jan. 20, 2003

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