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Bankrate's 2007 Living Green, Saving Green Guide
Green today
Learn 153 ways to be eco-friendly while saving green.
Green today
153 ways to go green
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Tip 49:
Teleconference, don't travel.
Today's technology expands the definition of face-to-face contact, making a quick meeting with a client or colleague across the country, or the world, possible. Online professional development options abound, as well -- from Web seminars to entire conferences being held virtually. The planet is spared CO2 and other emissions caused by travel.
$ Factor:
With hotel, airfare, local transportation, meals, entertainment expenses and tips, business travel certainly adds up. While typically it's a company footing the bill, individuals may find themselves paying out-of-pocket for souvenirs, non-work-related sightseeing or entertainment, or an expense for which the receipt is misplaced.
Tip 50:
Little things mean a lot.
Keep reuse in mind with desk supplies. Refillable pens and pencils help reduce waste, and items such as paper clips, folders and binders can be saved and reused. The key is staying organized, collecting used supplies of like kinds in the same spot and keeping them within easy reach.
$ Factor:
It's a no brainer. Reusing supplies means you'll buy less of them. Saving trips to the office supply store will also cut back on impulse purchases.
Tip 51:
Save packing materials.
In other words, what comes in should go back out. When having to buy boxes and other packing supplies, look for products made from recycled material or those that are biodegradable.
$ Factor:
Buying these materials less frequently creates an obvious cost savings.
Tip 52:
Use recycled paper.
Compared to other paper, it takes a lot less energy and water to make. And thanks to increased demand, manufacturers have been able to match quality and performance. Speaking of paper, it's got two sides, so when possible, use them both.
$ Factor:
Costs of recycled paper have come down. According to the Recycled Paper Coalition, many paper grades are cost-competitive with virgin papers or even cost less. While recycled copy paper still tends to cost more, the price difference is usually only a few percent.
Tip 53:
Use refillable pens.
Pens are often tossed into the garbage and not recycled or reused. Their components and packaging are made from nonrenewable resources and can contain environmentally damaging chemicals.
$ Factor:
Pen refills cost as little as $1 each, which is almost the same as a new disposable pen.
-- Posted: Oct. 4, 2007

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