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Bankrate's 2007 Living Green, Saving Green Guide
Green today
Learn 153 ways to be eco-friendly while saving green.
Green today
153 ways to go green
Health/beauty: Short term
Tips » Short term $ Factor
Tip 130:
Slash trash.
Cut waste by selecting products with less packaging. Three ways to do it: Choose products that come with minimal packaging, buy larger sizes, or buy refills or in bulk which typically have less packaging.
$ Factor:
Reducing packaging cuts the amount of resources and energy used in producing a product and also makes it lighter to ship, which means companies are using less fuel. Plus you have less trash for the landfill, and you can reduce that even more if you recycle.
Tip 131:
Buy multivitamins.
You can save money and packaging if you buy a multivitamin rather than separate bottles of individual vitamins. The average American vitamin user spends over $100 each year on vitamins and supplement.
$ Factor:
If one-quarter of vitamin consumers reduced their purchases by just one bottle per year, the estimated total savings would be $592 million and 103 stacks of plastic bottles, each tall enough to reach the top of the ozone layer.
Tip 132:
Get two for one.
Consider using a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner instead of buying each separately. If one in seven U.S. households replaced its shampoo and conditioner purchase with a single two-in-one bottle, the amount of plastic saved per year could fill a football field 27 stories high.
$ Factor:
You'll not only save on money and packaging, but you'll likely save additional time, water and money by reducing the length of your shower.
Tip 133:
Avoid pore pluggers.
When you buy deodorant, try to avoid antiperspirants, which use aluminum salts to seal up your pores. In addition to being a potential health toxin, aluminum takes a tremendous amount of energy to mine. If you buy one stick of aluminum-free deodorant, the energy saved could power your laptop for 30 minutes.
$ Factor:
You'll also save money on water, detergent and stain remover and on clothes. Aluminum salts cause those yellow perspiration stains on your light-colored fabric.
-- Posted: Oct. 4, 2007

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