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Bankrate's 2007 Living Green, Saving Green Guide
Fact & fiction
Many truths and untruths are circulating. What's true?
Fact & fiction
Fast Facts
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Fact: About 100 million gallons of mineral oil, a byproduct in the production of gasoline, are used each year in the U.S. -- equal to about 25 percent of U.S. daily gas consumption.
Fact: If one in seven U.S. households replaced purchases of separate bottles of shampoo and conditioner with a single two-in-one bottle, the annual savings of plastic could fill a football field 27 stories high.
Fact: Replacing a bottle of body wash with a bar of soap in every U.S. household could save roughly 2.5 million pounds of plastic containers from being diverted into the waste stream.
Fact: If 100,000 people switched from wooden pencils to refillable pencils, 210 trees a year would be saved.
Fact: Every American creates an average of 4.5 pounds of trash each day.
Fact: We would save more than 36 million gallons of water each year if just 1 percent of fitness club members in the U.S. brought their own towels, eliminating 4,000 loads of laundry per day.
Fact: If every American household could prevent wasting one ounce of edible food each day, the amount of food saved could feed the 1.35 million homeless children in the U.S. three meals a day for an entire year.
Fact: If all the cooking in North America was done in microwave ovens, in one year, enough energy would be saved to supply the energy needs for all of Africa for a year.
Fact: Recycling 1 percent of the textbooks used for kindergarten through college would save enough money to send more than 4,000 students to a four-year public college for free.
Fact: Americans could save $500 million per year -- enough to buy solar panels for 40,000 houses -- if 10 percent of the money spent on new sporting goods was directed at used goods instead.
Fact: If Americans took 5 percent of the money they currently spend on new sporting goods and spent it on used sporting goods instead, they would save $250 million per year.
-- Posted: Oct. 10, 2007
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