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Bankrate's 2007 Living Green, Saving Green Guide
Fact & fiction
Many truths and untruths are circulating. What's true?
Fact & fiction
Fast facts
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Fact: More than 150,000 plastic bottles of shampoo are used every year in a single 300-room Las Vegas hotel.
Fact: If each of the 1.7 million rental cars in the U.S. were a hybrid, more than 9 million gallons of gasoline would be saved -- every time the tanks are filled.
Fact: About 130 million cell phones are thrown away each year. Soon, the number of discarded cell phones will surpass the number purchased.
If 20 percent of U.S. households replaced one cordless phone with a corded model, we would save 560 million kilowatt hours annually -- enough to power 130,000 phone conversations for every waking hour.
Fact: Buying a refurbished computer instead of a new one would save the 139 pounds of waste, 7,300 gallons of water and 2,300 kilowatt hours of energy required to manufacture a new one.
Fact: If just 1 percent of the 20 million computers discarded each year were replaced with refurbished machines, the waste saved could fill more than 1,700 garbage trucks; the water conserved could fill 73,000 backyard swimming pools, and the energy saved could power every personal computer owned in the U.S. for 55 straight hours.
Fact: Less than a third of all children who live within a mile of their school actually walk there, while half go by car. If just 6 percent of those students walked, it would save 60,000 gallons of gasoline -- a day!
Fact: Americans discard 1.6 billion pens annually. Placed end to end, they would stretch more than 150,000 miles -- enough to span the Pacific Ocean from Los Angeles to Tokyo more than 25 times.
Fact: Paper makes up roughly 39 pounds of every 100 pounds of trash in the U.S.
Fact: U.S. businesses use 21 million tons of copy paper each year -- about 4 trillion sheets. About 400 billion photocopies are made each year, or about 750,000 copies per minute.
Fact: The 44 million people who work from home at least part-time help reduce the miles driven per year by 35 billion and save almost 2 billion gallons of gasoline.
Fact: Americans use more than 14 billion paper cups every year, enough to circle the earth 55 times.
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