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Similar to the stock market adage, "buy low, sell high," the way to rid yourself of debt is pretty simple: Earn more, spend less. Following those mandates, along with some savvy strategy to organize and structure your debts efficiently can ease your money woes.

Managing your debt
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15 yr fixed mtg 3.05%
5/1 jumbo ARM 3.19%
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Help Yourself

Make a plan and stick to it Making a money-smart spending plan -- Do you fail every time you try to budget? Then don't say the "B" word, which reeks of self-deprivation. Say "spending plan" instead, and use it to help you get what you want to go.

Written budget separates savvy from clueless -- If you want to be a money-management master instead of a debt-defying dawdler, you need a written budget or spending plan. Here's how to create it.

Tackle credit card debts -- Organize, prioritize and vaporize your debts with our step-by-step guide for paying down debt.

Slash your spending 5 ways to stretch your paycheck -- Hang on to more of your salary with these tips.

How to cancel a credit card -- Be careful when closing an account or it may come back to haunt your credit later.

Escaping from an auto loan or lease -- Want out from that bad deal you made? Here's how to walk away with the least possible damage.

25 ways to start saving now! -- Cheapskates are chic! Here's how to cut the fat off your lifestyle.

17 sneaky ways to save -- Build that emergency fund with these painless ways to stash cash.

How you can save money when you're almost broke? -- If you run out of month before you run out of money, these cash-conserving tips can help, says Money Matters columnist Jeff Wuorio.

Boost your income Moonlighting: Six steps to the right second job -- Sometimes the best way out of debt is simply to increase your income.

Reorganize your debt 8 ways to consolidate your debts -- Always worried about the debt you're carrying? Consider these 8 ways to dig yourself out of that hole.

The dangers of debt consolidation -- Are you tempted to take out one big loan to pay off all those other nagging debts? Before you bundle your bills, check out the pros and cons of these consolidation options.

He says, she says: Should one leverage home equity to consolidate debt? -- No! Keep your cotton-pickin' paws off your home equity nest egg, says financial expert Dorothy Rosen.

He says, she says: Should one leverage home equity to consolidate debt? -- Yes! Convenience, lower payments and a tax break all make it smart, says Bankrate financial expert George Saenz.

Refinance your auto loan? Yes! -- Love your car, but not the hefty interest rate you're paying? Here's how to refinance your auto loan.

Borrowing from family -- It's uncomfortable, but sometimes it's your only option. Here's how to get a loan from a relative without turning the family tree into kindling.

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