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Miami CARE educates teens about personal finance

Our Lady of Lourdes Academy in Miami, honored as one of the top 50 Catholic high schools in the country last year by Catholic High School Honor Roll, costs nearly $8,000 a year to attend. But that doesn't mean that many of the students there don't suffer from the same financial illiteracy that plagues young people across the nation.

That's why school officials recruited members of the Credit Abuse Resistance Education, or CARE, program to provide a presentation to students enrolled in the personal finance and business law classes this past spring.

CARE is an educational program developed by a bankruptcy judge in upstate New York to teach high school and college age students about personal finance and the dangers of debt.

Bringing financial literacy to schools

To read and hear the CARE creator, Judge John Ninfo II, describe the program, please see the companion story.

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-- Posted: July 23, 2007
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