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College Financing and Career Guide 2007
Tools & work sheets
These calculators and work sheets will help you plan your entire financial life.
Tools & work sheets
College and career tools and work sheets

If you're just beginning to save for your toddler or if you've just graduated and are searching for the best credit card or budget tool, the calculators and work sheets you need are here.

Save for college

How much should you save for college?
How much do I need to save for my kid's education?
Tax-free savings: 529 plan estimator

Apply for loans

Financial aid: How much can you expect?
Get the FAFSA form
Compare student loan rates in your area

Starting out on your own

FICO score estimator
Budgeting 101: Start your own budget
How much car can you afford?
What will it take to pay off credit card?
True cost of paying the minimum on a credit card
How much can I save in 401(k) plan?
How much will it cost to live in another city?

-- Posted: July 2, 2007
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